Assemblies of God

As we said elsewhere, we are proud to be part of Assemblies of God GB. Click on the logo to visit their website.

AoG is just one of a number of Pentecostal groups in this country and the Pentecoastal movement worldwide is a massive proportion of the worldwide church with hundreds of millions of adherants. It began around the turn of the 20th Century and spread to many countries of the world (and has continued to do so ever since). 

A group of leaders from these UK churches met together in the early 1920s and decided to form a network (or in the terms they used, fellowship) of affiliated independent churches who would be connected together in relationship and cooperation. These independent churches would then have a covering of accountability whilst still preserving their autonomy. Assemblies of God groups exist all over the world but in many cases structure themselves quite differently to the UK fellowship.

Most recently AoG went through a restructuring and appointed a new National Leader and team. The new team began to focus on the three areas of Mission, Church Health and Leadership Development. At their recent online conference they also unveiled an exciting desire and plan to plant new churches, asking ministers who were watching to picture what it would look like if we had 1000 churches in Britain.