Home-groups and Prayer


Each fortnight we hold small groups called home-groups. These typically, as the name suggests, meet in homes although during the Covod 19 pandemic they have been meeting online on Zoom or connecting via WhatsApp and now as they prepare to meet in person again, those that are, are meeting in the church. We currently have five adult groups, two meet on Tuesday Evening, one (ladies group) on Monday afternoon and two on Wednesday evening.  As Covid ends and into the future, we are seeking to open new groups. For more details please contact us.

Home groups are a key part in the life of the church, providing an informal environment for ministry, discipleship, worship and outreach. They are all about community!



We believe that prayer is a vital part of church life and ministry- someone once said that God does nothing except in answer to prayer!

We are currently expanding our prayer programme at ACC. We currently have two main opportunities for prayer in addition to special prayer days. The first is on a Sunday Morning at 9:30am before our Sunday service and the other is Thursday nights at 7:30pm which, during Covid, has been meeting on Zoom. In the near future we are looking to begin two additional monthly prayer slots, one for creative prayer and one workshop based prayer experience. These will be detailed here when they arev up and running.

God has met with us in some meaningful ways in these prayer gatherings together!